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About the Commission

Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science was established on February 25th. 1962 and joined the following Arab, Regional and International Organizations

  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization "UNESCO" (1972)
  • Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) (1975)
  • Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (1975)(ABEGS)
  • Islamic Education Science and Culture Organization (ISESCO)

Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science has been effectively contributing to achieving the goals of the international organizations which are aligned with Qatar Educational objectives on the one hand and with the goals set by Qatar National Commission on the other hand. This happens through the implementation of a range of programmes, projects and activities in different fields, and in close collaboration and coordination with national, regional and international partners in order to promote citizenship, human rights, justice and human dignity.

Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science seeks diligently to make Qatar's membership in international, regional and Arab organizations a successful investment for the benefit of all aspects of the educational, scientific and cultural activities in the State of Qatar, and contribute to Qatar's national development in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Vision and Mission


It is an Institution/organization that plays a positive and effective role in promoting Qatar's stature (position) both nationally and internationally through their areas of work (i.e. Education, Culture, Science, Media, and Communications}, in order to achieve the sustainable development.


Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science seeks to help and support institutions and government agencies and non-governmental organizations to make optimum use of the programs and activities provided by the regional, Arab and international organizations, and to strengthen the role of the state of Qatar in the international, regional and Islamic arenas by contributing to the areas of work of the Commission, and through effective local and international partnerships.

Objectives of the Commission

 Commission Objectives

Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • To maintain closer contacts between regional and international organizations in various agencies and bodies in Qatar.
  • To educate citizens on organizations' activities that call for understanding, rapprochement between the countries of the world in general and the Islamic and Arab countries in particular.
  •  To provide advice to the delegations of the State of Qatar in the general conferences of the organizations, official bodies in the relevant cultural, educational and scientific organizations' programs.
  • To Provide support to Qatar's competent bodies with a view to enabling them to make maximum possible use of the organizations' activities and to furnish comments/feedback accordingly.
  • To participate in the activities and events of the Qatar's ministries, government bodies and institutions particularly those related to the Commission's activities and disciplines
  •  To strengthen and promote relations with similar national commissions in the other countries.
  • To develop and build professional capacities of the Commission's staff members.


Roles and responsibilities

  • To fulfill the different needs of the concerned state ministries and institutions by providing a range of activities and programs related to education, culture and science.

  • To inform the concerned state authorities about the scholarship opportunities granted by the relevant organizations or their cooperating authorities.

  • To hold conferences, seminars and workshops in cooperation with these organizations with a view to provide training for citizens in their areas of specialization.

  • To announce the international prizes in the fields of scientific research, educational, and cultural studies.

  •  To hold intercultural dialogue conferences and seminars to promote international understanding and to discover other cultures.

  • To promote the visibility of the State of Qatar locally and internationally in the fields of education, culture, science and communication.

  • To establish connection with all the Qatari community through all forms of media.

Principles and Values

1.     Principles and Values

We believe in:

  • Belonging, loyalty, and good citizenship
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Respect for cultural diversity
  • Quality and perfection
  • Teamwork

2.     References

  • Qatar's Constitution
  • Qatar National Vision 2030
  • Regional and international conventions and instruments in relation to the work of organizations