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 Qatar University Organized the International Day of Girls and Women in Science 2023 Success Stories Towards Society 5.0​


The theme of the event revolved around the “Success Stories Towards Society 5.0" celebrating the achievements and recognizing the critical role that women and girls play in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). It also encouraged an interest in women and girls to participate in scientific disciplines. It promoted attention to the career opportunities and to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

The event started with a welcoming speech by Prof. Mariam Al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, in which she stated that, “This event brings together the strategies to empower women in the State of Qatar's digital transformation, which has made great strides in this field and has become one of the world's most advanced countries in digitization and the use of modern technology. Qatar University, seeks to integrate its members and students into digital programs and activities, as well as provide them with knowledge and technological skills capable of meeting society's requirements and facing its challenges, through a variety of initiatives. We concentrate on youth in particular, as the Qatar University Young Scientists Center plays an important role in this regard."

Mr. Ali Marafi added “The State of Qatar devotes significant attention and support to improving the status of Qatari women and girls in science and scientific research, as well as consolidating the foundations of constructive scientific thinking, through the provision of numerous specialized scientific programs and grants to study the most recent technological developments and to stand on the best scientific developments, in addition to awarding prizes. To highlight female students' research projects, to organize and host many leading international conferences, forums, and initiatives aimed at spreading scientific culture among girls, and to send many Qatari female students to study scientific disciplines at the world's most prestigious universities at the state's expense."


The event included a panel discussion titled “Success Stories Towards Society 5.0" which was moderated by Mr. Chaker Ayadi, Lecturer of Mass Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University; with the participation of Mr. Salah Khaled, the Director of the UNESCO Regional Office in Doha and UNESCO Representative in the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen, Dr. Noora Fetais, Associate Professor of Computer Science, College of Engineering - Qatar University, Iman Al Obaidi, Head of Public Relations and Social Media - Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) and Hessa Al-Kuwari, student from College of Engineering - Qatar University, representing Qatar University Young Scientist Center (QUYSC).

Mr. Salah Khaled highlighted that harnessing all talent possible is crucial for achieving some of the greatest challenges of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, from improving health to combating climate change. Diversity in research expands the pool of talents, brings in fresh perspectives and more creativity. This Day is a reminder that the participation of women and girls in sciences should be strengthened.

By the end of the event, a group of students were honored for their win in the “December Al-Adaam" competition and a tour was held for the Scientific Photo Gallery in partnership with Qatar University Young Scientist Center (QUYSC).

Since 2015, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science has aimed at raising awareness on the issue and recognizing the role that women and girls play in science and technology communities and that their participation should be strengthened as drivers to address major global challenges and achieve all the sustainable development goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda.​

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