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 Qatar University Young Scientists Center announces the launch of the Fourth Youth Research Forum 2022 The World Cup and Qatar 2022 Challenges and Aspirations


Today, the world realizes that innovation in various sectors is the cornerstone of building a knowledge-based economy. Therefore, institutions and leading companies seek to establish programs and initiatives that facilitate the development of competencies and young talents, and the transfer and exchange of knowledge. Qatar's vision of a sustainable and diversified economy requires expansion from a knowledge-based economy to a competitive knowledge-based economy based on innovation to create innovative products and solutions. From this standpoint, Qatar University Young Scientists Center creates and opportunity for researchers to share their research contributions by organizing the Fourth Youth Research Forum 2022 The World Cup and Qatar 2022: Challenges and Aspirations.
The center began receiving research abstracts in preparation for the forum's activities on various topics that focus on three area, which are national identity, social and cultural heritage, science, medicine and engineering area, and the legal area as new addition this year. Undergraduate and postgraduate researchers in Qatar, Gulf and international universities can submit their scientific research and present their output in a rich platform for exchanging knowledge, expanding innovation methods, and disseminating research efforts. The annual forum is considered an incubator for youth research and an academic forum in which promising researchers rise to high levels of intellect, creativity and research capabilities. Through it, the Qatar University Young Scientists Center creates a multidisciplinary research platform in-line with the national research priorities that enrich the research community from inside and outside the State of Qatar. The participants will contribute to providing support and improving the quality of research methods and research outputs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, humanities and social sciences, as well as legal fields to activate their impact in the State of Qatar.
The forum provides an opportunity for competition between participants, which enhances skills, capabilities, research outputs and adds motivation to researchers. Researchers will be able to participate with research papers that define the research questions and objectives, the problem, data collection tools, the foundations of scientific experiments, if any, and the research results. They can also participate with scientific posters that summarize the results of their research in a concise and attractive way. All entries will be evaluated based on several criteria, the most important of which are the novelty of the submitted topics, outputs and results, and the extent of the impact and addition to the research community. Valuable prizes will be awarded to honor the top three researchers in the scientific research category and the top three in the scientific posters category, chosen by the jury composed of professors and researchers with extensive experience in different fields.
In this, occasion Prof. Maryam Al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, said, “The research sector, is supporting all initiatives that enrich the research culture, enhance the skills of young people, and integrate them into the research experience based on scientific foundations, the youth research forum is a great opportunity for young researchers to present their research, share and discuss it with researchers and experts”.
Prof. Noora Al-Thani, Director of the Qatar University Young Scientists Center, said in regards to the launch of Youth Research Forum, "We are keen in the center to be a hub for young researchers and catalysts for innovation based on research, and we seek through the forum to provide opportunities for intellectual and scientific convergence for young researchers. The exchange of experiences and discussion of research topics, are among the most important activities of the forum that contribute to the development of research outputs and verify their impact and desired benefit.” She added, "We are pleased to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for young researchers in cooperation with the Qatar National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, and we are keen to focus our efforts on supporting young people and enriching the community of researchers and research outputs."​

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